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Equity Research:

  • Shajar Capital is licensed by Pakistan Stock Exchanges for equity brokerage, our equity team comprises experienced professionals giving our clients and investors portfolio management and advisory services.
  • Shajar Research covers two different segments including Primary & Secondary Research Services. Our focal team sits in our Karachi office and covers 70% of the KSE-100 market capitalization. While, they handle the entire primary research services through our dedicated Research Professionals including Five PhDs and expanded research staff throughout Pakistan.
  • Our research team constantly recognizes and investigates money related data, key issues and patterns that influence organizations, businesses and capital markets. The team is sorted to incorporate E&P, Oil Marketing Companies, Power Producers, Commercial Banks, Telecom and Technology, Fertilizers, Cement, Automobiles and Chemicals with every expert having an inside and out comprehension on the key drivers for their own sectors.
  • Working closely with our research team, we provide investment advice based on exhaustive fundamental analysis, while ensuring quick turnaround time for our clients’ queries and data requests. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and their interests always take precedence over own commercial considerations. Client trades are executed with highest possible efficiency while maintaining complete client confidentiality and following client instructions to the core. Our vast client base and strong relationships enables us carry out large block-trades quickly and confidentially with minimum impact cost.

Following are the Sectors under Coverage of Research Department:

  • Pakistan Economy.
  • Pakistan Stock Exchange.
  • Banks.
  • Oil and Gas Exploration.
  • Oil and Gas Marketing Companies.
  • Cements.
  • Fertilizers.
  • Automobile Assemblers

Following are the Report Types from Research Department:

  • Morning Briefing.
  • Earnings Reviews and Previews of companies under Shajar Universe.
  • Coverage Initiation.
  • Target Price Update/Review.
  • Flash Note on Market or Economy Updates.
  • Monthly Number/Volume update Report of Major Sectors.
  • Fiscal year Budget and Mini Budget Reports.
  • Year End Strategy Report for upcoming year.
  • Reports on Client Queries.